Most people do not understand what services are offered by Savage Towing Company. To ensure you better understand the types of services that we offer, you can go through some of our Frequently Asked Questions here:

We are open around the clock. We are available to serve you 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You can count on our services any time.

When you need us to offer towing services, you need to provide a range of details about your vehicle. This includes model, make and color, state registration, license number, vehicle identification number (if available), exact location, owner’s name, address (if available) and your phone number and billing info.

Our charges vary considerably depending on the case that we are handling. You can call us on 919-427-9373 and request a quote. The quote will help you to get a good picture of what costing factors we base on.

Once your request has been received by our team, we can arrive in as little as 30-45 minutes. However, during rush hour or peak time, we can take up to an hour to get to where you are.

In most instances, we can bill your insurance company directly. However, since the process is quite lengthy when you are dealing with the insurance company we prefer that you pay upfront to avoid any hassles or delays.

Yes. We can offer towing services wherever you might be. Our staff and services are flexible. We can tow your vehicle to where ever you need it. If you need our services, you can call us today 919-427-9373.

Yes, we pay cash on pick up and will offer you a fair price for your unwanted vehicle.



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